A Complete History of the Soviet Union As Told By A Humble Worker, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris

To Moscow I came seeking fortune
But they’re making me work til I’m dead
The bourgeoisie have it so easy
The Tsar’s putting gold on his bread
The people of Moscow are hungry
But think what a feast there could be
If we could create a socialist state
That cared for the people like me:

I am the man who arranges the blocks
That descend upon me from up above.
They come down and I spin them around
Til they fit in the ground like hand in glove.
Sometimes it seems that to move blocks is fine
And the lines will be formed as they fall –
Then I see that I have misjudged it!
I should not have nudged it after all.
Can I have a long one please?
Why must these infernal blocks tease?

I am the man who arranges the blocks
That continue to fall from up above.
Come Muscovite! Let the workers unite!
A collective regime of peace and love.
I work so hard in arranging the blocks
But the landlord and taxman bleed me dry
But the workers will rise! We will not compromise
For we know that the old regime must die.
Long live Lenin, kill the tsar!
We salute the sickle and star!

I am the man who arranges the blocks
That continue to fall from up above.
The food on your plate now belongs to the state
A collective regime of peace and love.
I have no choice in arranging the blocks
Under Bolshevik rule, what they say goes.
The rule of the game is we all are the same
And my blocks must create unbroken rows.
Long live Stalin! He loves you!
Sing these words, or you know what he’ll do…

I am the man who arranges the blocks
That are made by the men in Kazakhstan.
They come two weeks late and they don’t tessellate
But we’re working to Stalin’s five year plan.
I am the man who arranges the tanks
That will make all the Nazis keep away
The Fuhrer is dead, and Europe is Red!
Let us point all our guns at the USA.
We shall live forever more!
We can start a nuclear war!

I am the man who arranges the blocks
That are building a highly secret base.
Hip hip hurrah for the USSR!
We are sending our men to outer space.
I work so hard in arranging the blocks
But each night I go home to my wife in tears –
What’s the point of it all, when you’re building a wall
And in front of your eyes it disappears?
Pointless work for pointless pay
This is one game I shall not play.

I am the man who arranges the blocks!
But tomorrow I think I’ll stay in bed.
The winter is cold, I’ve got plenty of gold
And I’m standing in line for a loaf of bread
Maybe we’d be better off
If we brought down Gorbachev

I am the man who arranges the blocks
That continue to fall from up above.
The markets are free! So much money for me!
Tell me, why should I care for peace and love?
The markets are free! So much money for me!
Tell me, why should I care for peace and love?
Peace and love, peace and love!

And now the wall is down, the Marxists frown
There’s foreign shops all over town
When in Red Square, well don’t despair
There’s Levi’s and McDonald’s there
The US gave us crystal meth
And Yeltsin drank himself to death
But now that Putin’s put the boot in,
Who’ll get in our way?

So we reject free enterprise
And once again the left will rise.
Prepare the flags to be unfurled
For we’re seceding from the world:
We shall regain the Georgian soil
We shall obtain the Arctic oil
We shall arrange the blocks and toil
Forever and a day.

Game over.

Copyright 2008-2009 Dan Woods & Donald Newholm – all rights reserved.

33 comments to A Complete History of the Soviet Union As Told By A Humble Worker, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris

  • erk

    please, could you tell me in hwat song you based yourself on the end part? im breaking my head because i tihkn i have listened that rythm in another part….

  • Shinta

    @erk- That's the song that plays during the "game over" screen.

  • Anonymous

    Bravo from Russia!

  • Anonymous

    you were dooing great on pointing out how stalin messed it up but refering to putin beeing left is just sad.
    as he's a right winged dictating bastard. who can say he is one without having to fear any other nation

  • Ingrid

    amazing, just amazing

  • Chris

    Ignore the occasional twatish comments, mate, you're doing great! Keep working the music gent's, I look forward to part of my next paycheck going towards a cd!

  • Anonymous

    i think throughout the song, the people arrange blocks that fall from above (obey the commands of the elite: tsar,lenin,stalin,markets) ,the final message is for building true socialism from bottom-up with peace and love, and arrange the blocks ourselves

    • Orkan

      @Anonymous #3- I like your theory, but personally I believe the blocks are the leaders themselves. If the history of the Soviet Union shows a single thing it must be that the people kept changing their leadership, but just as with Tetris some times things happen too fast and some times you miscalculate. “Then I see that I have misjudged it, I should not have nudged it after all.”
      Either way, this song is pure brilliance.

  • fergusmack1

    I've just finished listening to your cd, for what?… the fifth time? And I still can't get the words for Churchill/Hitler's favourite songs! Are you planning on putting any of the other song's lyrics up?

  • Dan Woods

    Hi fergusmack1, glad you enjoyed the album. I'm thinking of revamping the website in September so I'll see if I can put some more lyrics up then.

  • M.Brayfield

    Hello for Texas, USA. I fell in love with this song and just bought the album. It's fantastic, even if I shouldn't be humming my darling at work.

  • Cody

    this is like, the best thing i've seen this decade. seriously.

    it would maybe be the best thing in my life if someone arranged some tabs.. but whatever.

    just perfect.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely brilliant!

  • Anonymous

    The kids walk around the house singing it now! What have you done? They also sing about the cheeseburger. Not going to let them hear Midwife or that sheep song though!
    The end song is the high score music, not the game over music too.
    Love it!!!

  • russo14

    I didn't think it could get any better than Tetris. Then I saw this video. Epic. Great job, guys!!!

    -Michigan, USA

  • Anonymous

    Amazing work !

    I'm french and I really love you songs. Your clip of Tetris is pretty well realize (the song too, of course :p) and it's been a pleasure to watch.

    Keep going on this way, and thank you !

    (and I apologize if my english isn't very good)

  • Amazing


    You guys did some spectacular work!!!

    Even the history part is perfectly told!

    One of the coolest thing I've ever heard;
    since a week i listen it at least 3 times a day!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi,I'm an american, and at the college where i'm going, literally EVERYONE's heard this song. Rappers blast it from their cars…..

    Good job.

  • Suzanne.

    The original tune is much older than Tetris!! Older than the Soviet Union, even, back to Czarist Russia. It's called Karobushka (The Peddlers), and you can see & hear it played on traditional Russian instruments in traditional Russian costumes, by the Arizona Balalaika Orchestra (which I play with) here:


    Somebody asked for tablature – I don't have that, but I can give you sheet music – http://www.azbalalaika.org/ABCfiles/korobushka.pdf

  • Michael

    I cant stop listening to music of this genius :3

  • ????

    ???? ?? ??????,???? ?? ?? ???? ??? ??????? ?? ???? ??? ??? ??????

  • VZ

    ????, +1
    But still that's an awesome song and video xD
    Keep up the good work!

  • john

    I´ll try to describe in few words what i ve seen in your music.The rhythm follow the story,started smooth and the melody turns more frenetic along the music accord the story flows.I think i see some scenes in Dr Strangelove that u used in your video,mainly one you jump from a warhead,pretty good.

    The game over music is from russian anthem?
    From Bananal.

  • Anonymous

    ?? ????, ?? ??? ??? ???? ???????, ?? ???? ??? ??? ??????????. ? ????? ?????? ???? ????????, ????????. ???????.

  • john

    The Stalin's socialism,thx god,ended a long time ago,what really happened with Russia along these recent liberalization ,who thinks the free market economy helped Russia?
    In the game over,it was suggested a new arrange in blocks,what's mean?
    The true socialism ,like the utopic socialism?Or a reworded Stalinist socialism?

  • Anonymous

    awesomeness at its greatest

  • Anonymous

    my head exploded from the awesome

  • Anonymous

    I told my history teacher about this. Hopefully she'll schow it to our class. Great way to remember what happened. Good job, I can't wait to buy the song! ^_^

  • Gustavo

    This is perfection. I am in love.

  • I first saw this video on Radio Dead Air’s live Monday night segment last week. They played it as their sign-off video. I have to say, guys. This song is fantastic and amazing! Thank you for creating something not only amazing, but also historically accurate. Russia has a thoroughly interesting history. Also, Tetris.

    You guys rock!

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