My Darling

My darling, believe me, my love for you is true
If you were to leave me, I know not what I’d do
And so tonight I thought I might let all my feelings show
And I will take you to the most romantic place I know

Come with me to the cockfight my dear, come see the fearless fowl
The bell is like beautiful music to me succeeded by shriek and howl
Come with me to the cockfight tonight, come see them bite and scratch
We’ll see which one is puny and which one is tough when they stuff them down that hatch

Take your seat for the cockfight my sweet, where severed feet sail by
Eyes are pecked out as I gaze into yours, beauty as bright as the blood on their claws
Come with me to the cockfight, my love, come see them shove and maul
When entrails are flailing you grow pale and faint, but I’ll catch you if you fall

Come with me to the cockfight, my love, gasp as the blood runs free
Don’t be surprised if it gets in your eyes and mind how you sip lest it drip in your tea
Come with me to the cockfight, you may always of this be sure
As the cock of the walk rips the breast in his grip, that I’ll be more gentle with yours

And as your eyelids flutter, their wings begin to flutter
I think I’ll have a flutter on that rooster from Calcutta
And as they screech and squawk and cluck, I do beseech thee Lady Luck
For ample fortune and the pluck to ask my lady if she’ll maybe

Come with me to the cockfight, you dish, where wishbones splinter and snap
We whistle for gristle, and when one is dead, we’re enraptured as he runs around devoid of a head
Come with me to the cockfight, oh do, dinner’s included too
As niblets of giblets are shredded and torn, they’re a romantic meal for two

Come with me to the cockfight, oh my, come for the death and gore
When we’re together the feathers will fly and I’ll kiss you as they mop up the guts on the floor
Come with me to the cockfight next week, watch as their beaks dig in
The fun will begin as their innards appear
And I’ll save you an avian organ as a souvenir.

Copyright 2009 Donald Newholm – all rights reserved

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