Churchill’s Favourite Song

Didn’t we have more gravy in the thirtes
Then Mister Hitler took it all away
He’s a rotten sort, but then we had a thought
Let’s all dress up as army men and take our gravy back again

I’d been taking kippers up to Maisie
When Auntie Beeb announced we’re off to war
Don’t you know I’d rather have a spot of how’s yer father
But I had to get me gravy back upon the English shore

Didn’t we have a laugh with Auntie Gertrude
She’s got the most stupendous bloomers in the town
When all the Krauts were shootin’, we used them for parachutin’
And they made a marvelous bag for lootin’ when we hit the ground

Didn’t we do so well to beat the Fuhrer
We bashed him on the bonce and ran away
When he gave up the fight we made a flight back home to blighty
And we all drank pints of gravy on the way

Copyright 2009 Donald Newholm – all rights reserved

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