Finger in the Pie, 10th July

Attention, attention. We shall be performing at Finger in the Pie’s Cabaphonic on 10th July. Details and tickets are here:

We may even play a new song or two. Come along and gawp with your ears!

New video: Pi & Mash

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to present our new music video for Pi & Mash, from our exciting album The Girl With The Arms Made From Marrows. It has been animated by the very talented Tom Cardo-Moreno. Please, share and enjoy, and spend a few quid on our album if you feel so inclined.

Beer Diary Episode 12

I/Donald Newholm drink/drinks my/his final beer. Lucy Newholm films for the final time.


Beer Diary Episode 11

Another week, another beer, another light lie. ¡Salud!


Beer Diary Episode 10

Something magical happens to Donald Newholm’s brain in this week’s Beer Diary. Lucy Newholm filmed it. CAUTION: This week’s Beer Diary contains one lie.


Live at the Magic Garden, 20th September

Ladies and Gentlemen! Pig with the Face of a Boy will be performing at this BRILLIANT thing on 20th September. We’ll be on at some point in the evening, but there’s a lot of fun stuff going on in the day also. Please try and make it if you can!


Beer Diary Episode 9

A pint of some black stuff, and a bit of James Joyce as the Beer Diary continues. Tumptytumtoes!


Beer Diary Episode 8

This week, I taste a beer and butcher a 90s classic. Enjoy!


Beer Diary Episode 7

This week I invoke the use of wit and wisdom as I review another delicious Colombian beverage.


Beer Diary Episode 6

In this week’s exciting installment of the Beer Diary, I sup ale in a lovely garden.