All around/over the town/place

Hello everyone. It’s been very quiet for a long time, so I thought I’d let you know what’s been going on.

Basically, in 2015 we tried to make a political album, such was our horror at the conservative election win. We totally failed to do so, which was lucky because it would be have been obsolete before we even finished it – there was no Corbyn, no Brexit, no Maybot (well not much, which was nice). We did eventually manage to release a song about Nick Clegg, which is here:

So then Dan went into hiding in Not London for a couple of years, making it very difficult to do, well, anything at all. So I set to work on my solo album, which I had been delaying since before we made The Girl With The Arms Made From Marrows. As soon as I started working on it though, it became inexplicably essential to buy a flat. This involved me taking a really awful dayjob that financially I didn’t much need, but “employed by proper people” looks better than “semi solvent musician” to a bank, so there we go.

And then a child appeared. She’s two now, and walking and talking. And the album remains unfinished.

However, I did manage to finish and release this:

And since then I’ve been spreading my seed across the world wide webs. I’m in all these places:

And here’s some Pig with the Face of a Boy links:

And that brings us to now. Dan has returned to In London, so once I finish This Darn Album, it’s more than likely that the Pig will grunt again. Anon,


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