Donald Newholm plays the guitar, mandolin and charango, and once wrote a song called “Please Don’t Tread On My Cheeseburger”.

Dan Woods plays the accordion, piano and violin, and once wrote a song called “I Want To Eat Your Placenta”.

They met in Kennington, and this is their band. Together they play acoustic instruments and write songs with peculiar lyrics.

Their first music video, A Complete History of the Soviet Union through the eyes of a humble worker, arranged to the melody of Tetris, has achieved over 2,000,000 views on YouTube.

They have just released their second album, The Girl With The Arms Made From Marrows.

**** “A better hour of shiny comic songs may be hard to find” – The Skinny
**** “These boys are in danger of making ‘anti-folk’ the new rock’n’roll” – Threeweeks